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#Ivory Gate!

Our mission is to bring awareness to #Crypto of the fight for life the Elephants face everyday 🐘🐘🐘.

Our first question normally is why do i need to invest into your token to help Elephants? When we can donate ourselves..


We want you too!! Please donate to them!! Here are links to a few of the good friends we have met along the way. They run amazing charities for Elephants and do absolutely amazing and wonderful things! From adoptions, rescues, and work with governments to help protect Elephants. Go look for yourself!


Voices for Asian Elephants Society

Gentle Giants

Sheldrick Wildlife

Elephant Sanctuary in TN

And if you came from #crypto and now will donate to one of these amazing charities, then mission accomplished!


We want to continue to bring awareness of the fight for Elephants and learn more about them everyday! As do our holders who have a voice! Come hang out talk about charities to work with and what can we do to bring more attention to Elephants. In order for us to grow we need your help!


We have had a hard time getting listed by CmC and Gecko. They have strict guidelines that hinders us a bit. In hindsight we learnt that (We should’ve worried more on marketing then donation’s) We are trying to overcome these volume and holder requirements in order for us to get more exposure. In the #Crypto community, like our logo will be allowed and our price will show then. It’s huge you need it to grow in this world. So we would love if you join us and have a voice and let’s make Ivory Gate stronger and better!!!


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